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Deciding to Sell

tips for selling your house
Putting your home on the market can often feel like a challenge, even if you’re in a hot real estate market. There are multiple obstacles you need to navigate past, from listing through closing. The key to making the best, most well-informed decisions is simply preparing for the home selling process by gathering information on the different steps involved.

If you’re planning to list your home in the Orange County real estate market, we give you a closer look at important steps in the selling process, along with some helpful tips for selling your house.  

Analyze Your Decision to Sell

Selling a home is a major financial decision, so just taking that first step can be quite daunting. Make sure you’re fully committed to putting your home on the market so you won’t end up regretting your decision down the line.

To determine if you’re ready to sell, here are some key factors to consider:

  • You can keep your emotions in check and are prepared to treat the sale like a typical business transaction.  
  • You’re financially ready to purchase a new home and prepared to go through the home buying process.
  • You’ve worked out the sale’s financial aspect and are certain you won’t owe more than what your home is worth after selling it.

Work with a Reliable Real Estate Agent

You can make the selling process easier and more stress-free by working with a real estate agent with plenty of experience with selling homes in your area. You can start by asking for referrals from friends or family who have recently sold a home, or look online for agents who specialize in your area or neighborhood.

A real estate agent will assist you in setting a fair and competitive price for your home, attracting the right buyers, evaluating offers, and will negotiate on your behalf.  

Setting an Ideal Price

As a seller, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to overprice your home. Setting too low a price on the other hand, will cause you to get less than what your home is really worth. 

You can request a comparative market analysis from your agent in order to keep your home’s price on par with other recently sold homes in your area. Your agent will also be able to determine whether you’re selling in a hot, cold, or neutral market, so you can adjust the price accordingly. 

Marketing Your Home

Work with your agent to identify key selling points in your home so you can come up with the right words that will connect with your target market. Your agent will create a marketing strategy designed to highlight all of your home’s best features. They can also recommend professional photographers or virtual tour companies capable of taking quality photographs and impressive video tours of your home.

Also make sure your listing has a strong online presence, with photographs and descriptions of your home appearing on websites and different social media platforms. This will put your listing in front of a wider audience and increase your chances of getting the best offer, as a large percent of homebuyers nowadays have been able to find their new home through the internet.

Preparing Your Home for the Sale

The best way to prepare your home for the market is to perform basic tasks such as cleaning, decluttering, and improving curb appeal. You can ask your real estate agent for advice, or consider working with a professional home stager to make sure your home is ready for showings. 

Walk through your entire property and take note of any major repairs or improvements you can make to increase its value. Consider getting a seller’s inspection before you list it so you can get in-depth information on all possible problem areas. In case you’re a pet owner, you may want to look for temporary living arrangements for your pets while you’re showcasing your home.

Considering Offers and Negotiating

You’re likely to get multiple offers on your home as long as you set a good price. Do not dismiss any offers, even ones that seem too low – instead, negotiate by making a counteroffer.

If market conditions allow, consider placing a counteroffer contingent on you purchasing a home. You can also make a full-price counter offer as long as you’ve set a competitive price that’s backed up by recent comparable sales. 

Additionally, you can request a right of first refusal or a kick-out clause in case the offer you received is contingent on selling a home. This will help you avoid waste any time by waiting too long in case the buyer is unable to offload their home.   

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